Epic Photoshop Actions

Are you a Photographer?
Need to speed up your editing time?
Create Amazing Photos?


Then you came to the right place. With the Epic Photo Actions Set you will be able to not only speed up your editing time but also produce high quality images in no time. It's very easy to use and by simply clicking a few buttons your Images will be transformed from great to stunning.

Minimum Requirements: Windows or Mac Photoshop CC

Start editing the Smart Way

Epic Photoshop Actions

Make your Photos look Epic with the click of a few buttons.


You don't need any Photoshop Training, just a basic knowledge of dragging sliders, brush sizes and clicking play is enough to make your photos Professional Quality. 

How it Works

Install the Actions by double clicking on the Epic Photo Actions file. (The file will be available to download immediately after you have paid)

Open Photoshop CC (Minimum CC Required) and display the Actions Panel by clicking on Windows Tab, Actions.

You should see this panel (Picture Right).

Open your Image and very important, don't make any changes in Lightroom or Camera Raw except for brightness.

Use the spot healing brush and fix any skin problems and or remove unwanted objects.

Click on the Base Action and hit play at the bottom of the screen.  The Base action takes about 15 sec to run on an average PC. Once done, your image will look a 100 times better.

From here you can address small areas in your image.  For instance, you might want to brighten up the skin. Click on "Better Skin" and hit play. (Instructions are build in). Use  a soft brush and paint over the skin.

There are quite a few actions in this package that address a magnitude of scenarios. You will never use all the actions on a single image. In most cases the Base Action is all you need.


Build in Instructions

Each Action will stop with a pop up window and tell you what to do next.

Time Saving

An average Image takes around 1 minutes to edit and save. This means a  set of 60 images will take around 1 hour or less to complete.

Easy to Use

Beginners and Advance Photoshop Users will both find this very easy to understand and use.

7 Year Project

As a Photographer for the last 7 years I developed this set of actions that I use on a daily basis to edit my own Images. They have been tweaked over 7 years to make my life easier by speeding up the editing process and allowing me to deliver photos to my customers the next day.


Epic Photoshop Actions

We all know that Photography is not just picking up a camera and taking some pictures anymore. Photos straight out of camera need that little extra attention to make them Epic.

Photoshop is definitely the answer but it takes time and effort to learn and that's where Epic Photo Actions come in.

Epic Photo Actions are a set of pre-recorded steps inside Photoshop to enhance any photo to it's full potential.

Start editing the Smart Way

Epic Photoshop Actions